NOBCO/EMCC Webinar Intercultural Coaching online

16:00 - 17:00 uur Downloaden als iCal

2020 has made it very clear that we can only thrive when we are interconnected. Only then we are at our best when facing global challenges and coming up with solutions. 

Are coaches equipped well enough to play a role in this world that is becoming increasingly global and interculturally complex?

In this upcoming webinar we will explore what it takes for a good coach to be most effective in the international arena. Please join our conversation with intercultural coaching experts and experienced practitioners.

Together, we will explore the concept of intercultural sensitivity.

  • How can increased knowledge about this topic make a difference in coaching relationships?
  • What is the relevance - and perhaps irrelevance - of cultural dimensions?
  • Which coaching competencies are essential for any coach who works internationally?  
  • How will a deeper knowledge of intercultural sensitivity help you as a coach?


This free webinar is for upcoming as well as seasoned international coaches.