‘Intercultural differences as a force in coaching practice’ (Interactive workshop)

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13:00 - 17:00
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In our society we live with a diversity of cultural backgrounds. Yet the modern Western frame of mind is often taken for granted. As a result, not all knowledge is recognized, valued as equal and used from yourself as a coach and from the person you coach. Injustice is (often unconsciously) done to the people who possess this knowledge, which is not recognized as such (epistemic injustice). Epistemic means "pertaining to knowledge". In other words: how do we ensure that the knowledge of different people and schools of thought from different parts of the world is valued equally?

In the West, for example, the individual is often central. This is also reflected in coaching that focuses on self-awareness and personal development.

In this interactive workshop we practice moving between different worldviews and explore how intercultural awareness can strengthen our coaching practice. As examples we will discuss the Japanese concept of 'Ba' (space-time field) and the South African concept of 'Ubuntu'.

The program is as follows:
12.30-13.00 Arrival
13.00-17.00 Workshop (including breaks and refreshments)

Optional: Want to have a chat and network? You are welcome to have a drink and a chat after the workshop somewhere in the area if desired.

The meeting will take place in Amersfoort.

English (with the possibility to ask questions in Dutch)

About the speaker
Renate Schepen is an independent philosopher. Her research focuses on intercultural philosophy and dialogue. She gives advice, lectures and lessons and has written several books. Her latest book is Kimmerle's Intercultural Philosophy and Beyond. The ongoing Quest for Epistemic Justice (2022, Routledge Publishers). She investigates how we can do justice to different sources of knowledge. She is co-author of Philosophy of understanding about dealing with differences in superdiverse cities (2014, Garant publishers). Renate obtained her PhD at the University of Vienna (with honours) and before that she studied in Amsterdam, Accra and Montevideo.

More information: www.doordacht.net

Vrije Nederland, December 2022 (paywall):  https://www.vn.nl/minder-westers-denken/

Filosofie Magazine, September 2022:  https://www.filosofie.nl/ons-denken-staat-niet-los-van-ons-lichaam/

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Cancellation Policy
Are you unexpectedly unable to attend on February the 16th? Please let us know by e-mail as soon as possible. You can deregister until Monday 13th of February 09:00. If you are not present without cancelling, we are forced to charge you € 45 excluding VAT for the administration costs incurred. This also applies in the event of cancellation or absence due to illness or other unforeseen situations.


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