EMCC 2023 Global Conference in Prague

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09:00 - 17:00
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After a few years of needing to stay online, I’m so thrilled and happy to let you know that our yearly conference in June will allow us to meet in person in the lovely city of Prague.

This will be a "come back” after our excellent conference in Dublin in 2019. That’s why our main goal will be to bring a traditional inclusive, warm and welcoming atmosphere - to enable our community to hug, meet, share and learn from each other. Let's make this our warmest Conference to date!

The conference theme Developing Human Capital presents an exciting opportunity to explore the possibilities for developing knowledge, skills and contributions to society, through the lens of coaching, mentoring, and supervision.

From June 9th till June 10th

Corinthia Hotel, Praque

Please register here for your ticket to access the entire EMCC Global Conference.*

See details below and the specific sessions detail via the EMCC Global Conference website: https://ac2023.emccconference.org/en/

* There is a discount available for all members of EMCC. 


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